Creating a Simple Abundance Altar

Can a pantheist believe in the law of attraction? Sure! But it certainly isn’t required.

For pantheist pagans, I imagine there’s a greater chance of believing in things like the law of attraction, crystal healing, and reincarnation, but there’s no dogma within pantheism or even paganism that tells you which of these things to believe in, if any.

Pantheism and paganism are merely jumping off points that often intersect, so as a pantheist pagan, you may find yourself trying to develop your own practice that makes sense in terms of your unique worldview.

With that being said, I’ve been contemplating the law of attraction a lot lately. In my pagan practice, I perform rituals that might not necessarily make sense to a strict naturalistic pantheist, but that’s okay. Sometimes my own rituals don’t even make sense to my rational mind! But I always focus on the intention behind them and the type of energy I want to put out into the universe. Performing a ritual is a type of meditation for me—a way to ground and reconnect with myself.

What is the Law of Attraction?

In its most basic terms, the law of attraction suggests that our thoughts turn into tangible things at some point. If all we focus on are negative thoughts, we’ll be stuck in a funk indefinitely.

As someone who suffers from massive depressive disorder and anxiety, I’ve experienced this phenomenon myself too many times to count. If you’ve ever been there, you know how hard it is to get out of a depressive episode when the universe seems to be working against you.

The same can be said for positive thoughts. If we put out love and positive intentions, we’re more likely to see the good things in life. Maybe it’s just a mirror effect, but regardless of how or why it happens, the law of attraction makes sense. Cause and effect is a principle that exists in nature and even drives the entire scientific method, so why can’t a concept like karma exist?

Creating an Abundance Altar

abundance altar

If you’ve been subscribed to my blog for some time, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been MIA for a while. I had good intentions for getting The Pantheist Pagan moved to a better blogging platform, but lack of finances kept me from moving forward with those plans. I was also dealing with depression, juggling work, and trying to build up another blog that has a bit of money coming in. I dropped the ball big time, and I let many of you down. For that, I apologize.

After some of you reached out to say how much this blog has meant to you, I knew now was the time for its relaunch. Since money was my original hurdle, I thought I’d write about creating an abundance and prosperity altar.

Gather Your Tools


You can use pretty much anything to create an abundance altar as long as the items mean abundance and prosperity to you. This could mean gathering:

·       Coins

·       Dollar bills

·       Green crystals

·       Money-attracting herbs

·       Essential oils

·       Treasured trinkets

·       Tokens

·       Green or gold candles

·       Buddha figurines

For my altar, I used an athame to carve my intentions into a green candle. Words I chose were, “I attract money,” “abundance,” and “prosperity.” I also carved seven dollar signs around the candle since the number seven is considered a lucky number. I then rubbed the candle with some essential oil, cinnamon, and a dried tea blend that contained money-attracting herbs like alfalfa and sassafras (this part gets messy!)

Invite Money Into Your Life From Multiple Sources

Using parchment paper and a green pen, I listed 15 ways money can come into my life. These included things like:

·       Unexpected gifts or refund checks

·       Regular, consistent paychecks

·       Blog patrons and sponsors

·       Reduced bills and expenses

·       Lotto winnings

You get the idea. This step took a lot of thought since we never really consider all avenues through which money can enter our lives. After completing my list, I sprinkled some of the dried herbs over the paper and folded it toward me several times until the paper was small enough to fit in a drawstring bag.

After wrapping the parchment with a $2 bill, I put it in the bag along with a green stone, some resin, and a few coins.

Honestly, I made this ritual up as I went along. You don’t need to follow anyone’s process—just do whatever feels right for you. I didn’t even recite any incantations other than standing in front of my completed altar and telling the universe that I’m open to prosperity and abundance. This was the result:


Whether there’s any magic involved in this ritual or not isn’t the point. Through setting my intentions, I’ve made myself more aware of how money can enter my life, and I’m more likely to look for it or take the necessary steps to obtain it.

Have you ever set up an abundance altar? What was the result? If you haven’t yet and want to try an abundance ritual, I hope this post has given you the inspiration needed to open yourself up to all the good things the universe has to offer!

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